A Professional Craftsman Journey #1

A Professional Craftsman Journey #1

Most of my career so far was about writing features that were buggy and kept reiterating over it until it was working fine

I used to be careless, I used to get lazy on tests, I used to make mistakes and let my Seniors fix it for me.

I was learning, but only learning technicalities, and that alone, is not enough.

I had to evolve professionally as well, so sending builds to testers without thoroughly testing my code enough, arriving late to the office, working over-time, allowing my managers to make me work and send me messages on weekends or after time was nowhere near professional

So what is professionalism is all about?

It’s all about Responsibility

Being held accountable for your estimates, for your deliveries, for your shipped code

What I needed was shipping code that is thoroughly revised, thoroughly tested, and leaves nothing for the QA to find.

And this is my first step in becoming not only a professional but a clean coder.

Always test your code, always collaborate with your teammates, always be there for your team

You’re not here to bring glory to Sparta, you are here to fix problems, cleanly and professionally

Cleanly is by shipping code that runs without Harm, that doesn’t cause problems to the business nor does it break the whole cycle, we all make mistakes, but the difference between myself and the version of me that am developing is that current me says “Shit happens”, while the WIP version of me says “here is a $10,000 Cheque for the damage done”

That’s the difference I wish to see myself in, and that is the difference am working relentlessly to become.

Do no harm