Do not be Sorry, Be Better.

Do not be Sorry, Be Better.

Life from a perspective of a Spartan, an Avenger, and a Wise Father who've seen all sorts of pain

In life, there will be times that you will lose, fail, go bankrupt, get punched in the face, be humiliated, do mistakes, and all the bad things we hear about.

And that's ok, you can never be Mr. "Always Right", nor will you be ever invincible.

You will be hurt, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There will be times where you will question your core, and you will question the journey.

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but that's totally normal, Life is not a utopia, where everything is perfect.

The good thing about picking a path and taking the journey is not the goal, it's the steps, the memories you make, and the pictures you take, and the people you meet and live with

The goal of the journey was never about the goal, sure if you reach a goal you have to find another, but it's always about the story you tell during the journey.

Never lose hope in yourself nor in Allah, Never give up

Giving up is like going hollow, you will quickly find yourself dying from the inside, and in this life, you should always fight for what you believe in

You will be wronged, and you will quickly lose hope, you will feel like an imposter and that you don't belong here

But never ever go there... Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 2.02.40 AM.png

You will never find peace in Giving up, nor were you created to give up.

Make your own wins, be your own hero, be the change you always wished to see in the world, no matter how big, no matter how small, you are special enough to reach it

There will be times where you will need some time off, you will be burnt, it's ok to take a step back to come back with a better strategy, focus and energy

But never be sorry for your setbacks, Be Better ❤️