Mindsets: #1 Warrior Mindset vs Victim Mindset

Mindsets: #1 Warrior Mindset vs Victim Mindset

The first step in getting out of despair and ruin, to success and praise

Intro: What’s this about?

Hi There! Glad to be back writing this, actually super pumped after attending iOS Dev Happy Hour to network and chill out with other like-minded people, would recommend checking their Slack out, really great community there, so today I decided to write something about Mindsets, and given that there are lots of Mindsets that can take work inside your head and shape your life

Your beliefs become your thoughts -> Your thoughts become your actions -> your actions become your habits -> your habits become your life

-- Mahatma Gandhi

One of the things I was really lucky to learn early on in my life, is never thinking I am helpless, I’ve learned that from my younger brother, who happen to be born with a disability from walking, and the amount of dedication and fighting in his character that our father put in him, is amazing

You’re never helpless, never.

The moment you realize this or adopt that thinking or Mindset (which is the point of this blog), is when you turn from a victim, to a Warrior and today I really want to help my younger, less experienced friends and pals in adopting this in life, work, college and basically every aspect in your life

Mindsets Comparison


So, I’ve prepped some notes I took from all of the people I know who clearly has the opposite and what they would do if they turned to a Warrior



  • I am helpless, hence, there is nothing I can do
  • Excuses like “You don’t understand!”
  • Hearing stuff like “I don’t care, get it done” is cruel
  • Never says no in fear of falling below expectations, even if at the cost of his health


  • I messed up, but I’ll fix it
  • I had an accident, but it’s not their problem, I should’ve been more careful
  • It will be done, no promises, only results, else, I’ll make it up somehow
  • Says No, if something can’t be done, then it can’t be done, I don’t care about an investment or what the boards think, if this is technically not possible, then it’s not possible


The victim hates responsibilities, hates to see that they are to blame, and once you blame them, the survival mechanics inside his head triggers, and become all defensive of a sudden

Notice the honesty and clearance of why saying no is allowable from a non-victim Mindset, while in a victim Mindset, there is fear that is blinding you off what is possible

Thought Process

Scenario: You had agreed on taking a Freelance contract, you messed up


‘Look man, I did my best, ok? I’ve been through a lot this month, and finding time for the project (cant tell him I was on Fornite all week long) was just not possible’


‘I apologize for not meeting the deadline, that’s a clear sign that my time management needs improvement, that’s not your problem, so here is a refund + more money for the time wasted, please keep the work if you want and If you decide to continue with me and give me another chance, I will nail it, if not and someone else took over, let me know, I’ll hand it over, and after that my responsibility is done with you’


Nobody likes whining in business. Get shit done, or simply don’t commit, if you mess up, own your mess, else leave

Do you think who’s getting another chance? Definitely the responsible one



Maaaan, I can’t believe my employer doesn’t pay for my education


Hi John (The Manager), I may need to leave early as I need to attend a boot camp and they moved the meeting to a sooner date, I just wanna check if I can leave early today or should I tell them we need to stick or reschedule to another date?


Not only do ‘Victims’ think your employer is some kind of a 'father figure'. Spoilers…he’s not, you’re responsible for your career On the other hand…

  1. the guy paid for a boot camp (expensive)
  2. The boot camp management itself had to move the session’s to a sooner date, not him wanting to binge-play Fortnite (yea, I don’t approve of the game :P)
  3. He asked his Manager if leaving early would cause any issues, he would assertively contact the management and tell them, to stick to the agreement or reschedule it



  • Fail with no ‘Try again’
  • Blame others for their shortcomings
  • Get depressed
  • Lie to themselves than to others that the fault is not their
  • No self-control, discipline
  • Getting into debt
  • Resolute every year with countless goals
  • They’re at the peak and early stage of Krugger’s curve [Peak of Mount 'Stupid'](https://9gag.com/gag/aqj2n7R)


  • Succeed after failing countless times
  • Own their mess and shortcomings
  • Depression is dealt with as hard times, and they will fix it
  • Honest with themselves and have a clear image of where they come short
  • Disciplined
  • Debt is a lie, if you want something, save and buy it, work till you can afford it, if not, then adding a liability is a bad idea
  • Resolute with a clear system
  • Reads and improve themselves


The road ahead is long and unforgiving, no place for a boy, you must become a Warrior


Do not be Sorry, be Better… Find It (Finding the deer)


These two sentences should be what you remember of this post

And the keyword here is… I'll be better

And always remember

No Excuses

Where to go from here?

I have a book I can recommend for this topic. It's called Can't Hurt Me, I actually haven't read it yet, but I am in the process and lots of it inspired this blog, hopefully, you find it helpful as much (or more than) as I found it to be 😊