The Journey of the 50 Books

The Journey of the 50 Books

Hey all 👋 They say the best way to learn is to teach, and since this year I want to up my reading game by reading more, I decided to return to a couple of books that I read and share my notes, my summary & points that I was able to implement

What is this about?

In early 2021, I took part in a productivity course by none other than Ali Abdaal, the guy was really charismatic and really organized, and he was my favorite YouTuber that year, and he recommended lots of techniques that were foundational to me in this year

Not only did he share his notes-taking techniques, but also shared some books that I managed to read

So, in the upcoming series of books reviews, I’ll share my notes, but in the end, I’ll also share my Obsidian vault, which generally illustrates indexed & searchable notes that are also linked together

So, what’s the plan, Cap’ain?

I think I have around 26 Books read by now, and what we can do is share them every week just to get started, each categorized between Mindsets, Financial Literacy, Trading, Investing, Negotiations, Entrepreneurship, and Emotional Intelligence

So, am going to have 5 Lists along with this one, so you can either look up something without necessary being tracked down into a specific category, however, since some books may fall into more than one category, I think it would be a good idea to dissect the review as per the note’s category, hence shorter articles to read quick & at the same time, the book itself may have its own series between its categories

Alright, but do we have a timeline or a roadmap for this?

Oh, we do, and you can see it here 😉👇


How to read this? Each sub-node contains a category, each category contains a book which I already read and summarized, so the process for those 26 books is to release 1-2 summaries per week, I’ll share notes about this book, some of my notes and at the end, a poll of which category should we do next

Where to go from here?

Let’s not waste time, and start our discussion about the first book together, called The 5 AM Club